Mermaid and
Shark Parties

Have a party to remember with Splash Active


Have a party to remember with Splash Active

Sit back and relax and let us do the organising! At Splash Active we offer Mermaid Birthday Parties and Mini-Mermaid Birthday Parties

Our unique parties are all socially distanced and lead by a Level 2 swimming teacher and Fin2Fit instructor, with a qualified lifeguard present at all times, so you can rest assured you are in safe hands.

Remember! Parties don't have to just for children as we have adult-sized tails too, making it the perfect hen do activity or team building challenge.

Mermaid Party

The ultimate birthday party that will be the talk of the playground

For an hour of fun, which includes 50 minutes in the pool, your child and 7 others can transform into mermaids or sharks. During the party, mermaids/sharks will have a brilliant time learning new mermaid/shark skills, whilst wearing the tail of their choice. All our birthday parties are lead by a qualified Fin2Fit instructor and will have a qualified lifeguard present at all times.

For this party, all children must reach the required swimming standard of Stage 5 or be able to:

Checkout out mini-mermaid party if your child doesn’t reach the swimming standards

Checkout below, our 'What to expect guide' for a Splash Active Mermaid/Shark party

  • PHOTO TIME - For the first 10 minutes, photos are taken on pool side with children in their tails and fins to capture their special day.
    There will be a number of ocean props available such as mermaid crowns and tridents but feel free to bring any of your own!

  • WARM UP - After this, the tails come off and we warm-up in the pool with team challenges. During the warm-up, the participant's swimming ability will be assessed.

  • SKILLS PRACTICE - Then we practise skills, without the mono-fin, with lots of fun activities along the way. Handstands, dolphin kick, and somersaults are vital skills for mermaids/sharks to master.

  • Mono-fins and tails - The mono-fins then go back on and children are taught by a Fin2Fit instructor how to safely wear and remove the mono-fin.
    Tails are selected and the fun continues!

  • Mermaid Magic - From weaving through seaweed and diving for shells, the mermaid magic is bought to life and mermaid/sharks will love gliding through hoops and racing for treasure!

  • Memories to last - To end the birthday party, we cool down with floating mermaid/shark shapes

  • Each child gets a certificate to take home with a special gift for the birthday mermaid/shark.

Mini Mermaid Party

In this party, each child transforms into a mermaid/shark but they are supported by an adult to ensure they are safe. Splash Active's Mini-Mermaid/shark parties are based upon the Fin2Fit guidelines, and all our parties are lead by aFin2Fit instructor with a qualified lifeguard present.

Our mini-mermaid parties are split into two; the first part of the party is a mermaid/shark party which include photos in tails, mermaid skills without mono-fins then after with tails on. The second part of the party is a pool party where there will be a range of equipment available such as floats, sinkers and hoops to play with.

To ensure the safety of the children, this party is not suitable for non-swimmers and they must be close to achieving the swimming standards. A supporting adult must be within arm's reach at all times. SwimFins will be available too 

Mermaid/Shark swimming is a new and exciting expansion of the aquatic world in the UK, with an aim to bring the fun back into swimming.

Venue - Frensham Heights

"If you are looking for a party with a difference we offer Mermaid parties at the weekends" 

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